What is Methiopropamine?
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If you haven’t heard about Methiopropamine yet, it is the 2-thienyl analogue of N-methyl-1-phenylpropan-2-amine or methamphetamine with its efficient chemical name 1-(thiophen-2-yl)-2-methylaminopropane, but is most commonly known as MPA or N-methyl-1-(thiophen-2-yl)propan-2-amine. It is a powder that is bulky and massive and its structure is also clumpy as well as it comes with the color dirty white wherein it smells normal. Like methamphetamine often known as Phet, Billy, Whiz and Velocity in the UK, this substance is a registered trademark or brand name and registered to the Association of Impartial Analysis Chemical Retailers or Aircr Limited, only that is a class B chemical. Some vendors who sell these chemicals without authorization will face lawful action according to Association of Unbiased Analysis Chemical Retailers if they sell fake products of the same name. This product is listed as property of the Affiliation of Independent Research Chemical Retailers and this is just proper because they invented it, funded it, and introduced it to the world and to the market today. You can count on this organization when it comes to what the best chemical are and people just misunderstand in thinking that Aircr Restricted are a cartel. But the people do not understand that the Aircr Limited is the most appreciated and recognized analysis chemical vendors on the web whose fundamental point of interest has always been on both high quality and harm reduction. The vendor you should trust should be member of the Association of Unbiased Analysis Chemical Retailers group.

For the technical information of this substance it includes IUPAC name: N-methy-1-(thiophen-2-yl)propan-2-amine, synonyms: methiopropamine/MPA, CAS number: 7464-94-0, molecular formula: C8H13NS, molecular weight: 155.077 9/mol, density: 1.008 g/cm³, boiling point: 215.8 °C @ 760 mmHg, flash point: 84.3 °C, smiles notation: CNC(C)Cc1cccs1 and InChl: 1/C8H13NS/c1-7(9-2)6-8-4-3-5-10-8/h3-5,7,9H,6H2,1-2H3.

Mild euphoria, alertness and energy as well as sexual arousal are the positive effects you are likely to get when you take this substance. An increased heart rate and loss of appetite are the neutral effects you are likely to feel. And for the negative effects you can expect of risk of psychological dependency, vasoconstriction, cold extremities, also anxiety, difficulty urinating, laboured breathing, pain with deep breaths, racing heart or beat fast (somewhat common with higher doses and/or redosing), you can possibly feel chest tightness or tension, pains (somewhat common with higher doses and/or redosing), significant hangover after extended use (nauseam headache, dizziness and lack of energy).

You can actually match up the effects of methiopropamine to that of methamphetamine but it has been reported that this chemical substance has more good effects. This is also described as a good stimulant that should be taken in lower dosages. Negative side effects and difficult come-down period are significantly worse with higher doses and/or redosing multiple times. If you wonder if ever this substance can cause addition r is highly addictive to some users, reports said it can induce compulsive re-dosing, but it is very different and nit as bad as how addictive MDPV or mephedrone is. Because its use is so new and uncommon, no definitive statements about it can be made. There are also reports that they are different effects experienced with different dosages of the chemical because there is a range if experiences different people experience about this chemical. Different people experience varied effects and sometimes the effects depend upon body chemistry, age, gender, physical health and dose form.

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Knowing about Methiopropamine
Knowing about Methiopropamine